Holiday in IndiaHoliday in India
Holiday in IndiaHoliday in IndiaHoliday in India
Taj Mahal
Must See Attractions in India
Discover India for famous attractions to feel the richest culture of world, in heritage sites of Taj Mahal and Red Fort. Let your pulse rise in various wildlife parks and in adventure sports. Visit the Must See Attractions of India and live your Dream.
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- Lake Palace
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- Fatehpur Sikri
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Charminar Hyderabad - Heart that Glitters

CharminarCome to see the delightful Charminar in Hyderabad, which is an important landmark of the pearl city. Just like the cuisine of Hyderabad is known to be toothsome all over the world, the Charminar too is ubiquitous with the city. This squarish gateway is a pivot point of the city and is one of colossal reminder of the Nizam rule also one of the reason for the city to take immense pride from. Muhammad Quli Qutub Shah is the person to be thanked, as he was the builder of this magnanimity. Charminar monument acts as a signature of Hyderabad, it is an only monument that you can climb over, be careful as you ride up as the path is very narrow and the steps too steep. Introduce yourself to the Cazia style of architecture that has mixed it self with Islamic as well as Deccan culture. You should notice the height of Charminar that reaches up to 55 mt. The grand four minarets that soar high to the sky are the reason for its name - 'Char' 'Minar' (Minaret). Notice the four storeyed monuments and the arches that make it look like exquisitely carved ring. Some Anglophiles call this monument as the 'Arc de Triomphe of the East'. You should definitely visit this marvel to see what beauty Hyderabad has in store for you. Stroll through the two galleries and the terrace that serves as the roof. The view of the city, when one takes the flight of stairs in the minaret is breathtaking. A glance from top of this architectural treasure will sojourn you to the old and traditional culture that is embedded in the narrow lanes dotted with old bazaars displaying traditional Hyderabadi items. Listen to the legendary stories that lie in the cradle of the minarets of this monumental heritage. Besides the main building there are other attractions around that too should not be missed.

Highlights of Hyderabad's Landmark
The best time to view Charminar is during the evening when the monument is illuminated adding life to the city. However, if possible take a tour on Friday afternoons when a great crowd emerges here to offer prayer. The Mecca mosque at Charminar seems to be brimming with people each trying to get a place atop the monument where there are 45 prayer spaces. Get on to the first floor that has beautiful balconies and enjoy a panoramic view of the Pearl City from here. Nothing seems to be more attractive than the outside the building where a thriving ancient markets is still held. In archaic days there were around 14,000 shops attracting visitors and merchandiser. From these oriental bazaars you can buy anything you desire, but bargaining skill is a pre requisite. Do not miss buying the rainbow colored glass bangles from outside the Charminar.

The plume of Hyderabad - Charminar, lies in the heart of the city, so accessibility is no problem at all. An unconventional ride to the monument on a horse buggy will be delightful. There are many ways and manners in which Charminar will have a pulchritudinous and deep impact on you. Do not doom yourself from this antiquated treasure, as it is your sole way to go back in time. A trip to Charminar will bring you closer to the beautiful culture of Hyderabad City and to the lives of Hyderabadi people. …
Discover Holiday in India 'The Land of Cultural Influences'. In the North is the Mughal heritage while the backwaters and Ayurveda of the green Kerala and blue palm fringed beaches of Goa beautify the southern coast. India's legacy of rich past that has blended with grace in the novelty of the changing trends. Tourists also come to enjoy the benefits of health tourism and MICE tourism besides exploring the rural magic of traditional India.

Take a tour to discover ‘Holiday in India’, an experience must to have before you die. A stay that you will cherish for ages to come.

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