Holiday in IndiaHoliday in India
Holiday in IndiaHoliday in IndiaHoliday in India
Khajuraho Cave
Must See Destinations in India
India is a mix of culture of various places that have created a niche for themselves worldwide. Discovering India, the country with maximum World Heritage Sites by visiting innumerable ‘Must See Destinations’, is a magical holiday option.
- Agra
- Rajasthan
- Jaipur
- Delhi
- Kerala
- Goa
- Khajuraho
- Varanasi
- Ladakh
- Kashmir
- Kolkata
- Puri
- Chennai
- Kochi
- Hyderabad
- Sikkim
- North East
- Mumbai

Goa – Destination For Merriment

Reis Magos ChurchThis Goa state is an incorporation of the four C's - Churches, Casinos, Carnivals and Cuisine. There is no other place where you could better enjoy life than in Goa. Visit Goa to explore the New World that is beyond the ones that you have encountered.

Visiting Goa is a traveler's delight. Crystal clear beaches with impeccable adventure thrills, pristine landscape dotted architectural churches, ancient houses reminding of Colonial rule, are what make Goa fringed high on rating scale. Visit Goa when the sunrises, see Goa after the sunsets, it is the most applicable definition of this 'Pearl of the East'. Old Goa is the place where there is a grand concentration of churches and historical houses that offer a testimony to the Portugal and Colonial style of architectural. Beaches and its mesmerizing nightlife are the most important reason people come to Goa. The beaches here offers some of the great opportunities to indulge into water sports activities such like scuba diving, para sailing, kayaking, yachting and windsurfing, the golden stretches of coastlines are the ideal ways to for sunbathing and relaxing. Take a walk up to the towering forts that are perched on the beach shores, the view of the surrounding atop these forts is just fabulous. There are mansions spread across the state that too are magnificent to look at. The famous local liquor called Feni is worth a try, it will surmount all your branded names, also do savor the wondrous Goan cuisine replete with seafood specialties. Whereas shopping in Goa is mandatory, it could turn out be one of your best buy state, festooned with spice markets, cashew nuts, jute products and of course the typical Goan costumes.

Goa Carnival

Goan Culture – The Tradition The Rules
A very clear Portuguese influence can be seen in the culture of Goa State. The happy - go - lucky people of the state are imbibed by the rich Goan tradition. This is the city where one finds women in long skirts and a straw hat, quite opposite of Indian traditions. Goa Carnivals festival in February the most celebrated event is the best time to spend your holidays in Goa. The state takes a new look, the whole area puts on a colorful costume, songs are sung and processions are carried out on the roads. Being a Christian state, the Christmas and New Year are the other most cherished times in the state. Apart from the festivals, the nightlife bustling with casinos, discotheques, bars arrayed with various branded local wines are another reason why millions of people throng here for rejuvenation and to enjoy a complete relaxed vacations. In the morning stroll around the Flea Market that will give you an insight on the vibrant lifestyles of the people. These markets are laid out around the beaches and are the best places to buy wall hangings, bronze figures, handicrafts and bamboo products. The other shopping attractions lies in the Friday market held in Mapusa and the Arpora Market in Anjuna.

Come to Goa and make your holidays different. Fabulous weather, sun kissed beaches, mouthwatering sea food, white washed churches and warmhearted people, is what makes Goa a most preferred tourism heaven.
Discover Holiday in India 'The Land of Cultural Influences'. In the North is the Mughal heritage while the backwaters and Ayurveda of the green Kerala and blue palm fringed beaches of Goa beautify the southern coast. India's legacy of rich past that has blended with grace in the novelty of the changing trends. Tourists also come to enjoy the benefits of health tourism and MICE tourism besides exploring the rural magic of traditional India.

Take a tour to discover ‘Holiday in India’, an experience must to have before you die. A stay that you will cherish for ages to come.

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