Holiday in IndiaHoliday in India
Holiday in IndiaHoliday in IndiaHoliday in India
Khajuraho Cave
Must See Destinations in India
India is a mix of culture of various places that have created a niche for themselves worldwide. Discovering India, the country with maximum World Heritage Sites by visiting innumerable ‘Must See Destinations’, is a magical holiday option.
- Agra
- Rajasthan
- Jaipur
- Delhi
- Kerala
- Goa
- Khajuraho
- Varanasi
- Ladakh
- Kashmir
- Kolkata
- Puri
- Chennai
- Kochi
- Hyderabad
- Sikkim
- North East
- Mumbai

Kerala - Nature's Reflections

Kathakali ArtistTravel to the most visited destination in the myriad India - Kerala, 'God's Own Country'. The drawing card of this state lies in its greenery, beaches, Ayurvedic regimes, wildlife, adventures and amiable nature of the people. Life in Kerala revolves around the waterways and hence the best way to explore the beauty of the state is by taking a backwater cruise in Kerala. More than seeing the monumental heritage, Kerala offers indulgence in activities that are peerless in the world. The famous spice gardens are so green that you would want to stay there forever. Curative effects of Ayurveda in Kerala are also an important factor that fetches tourist from all over the globe. Indulging into Ayurvedic programs will helps in rejuvenating the mind and body. The scenic beauty that are conjugated in the Paryiar wildlife sanctuaries of the state are reasons enough for you to get engrossed in a jungle safari inside the national parks for sighting tigers and great Indian elephants. Adventure options in Kerala include canoeing around the lakes and rivers, cycling on the village paths and exciting hiking trails that act stoolie in drawing tourist attention. The upcoming adventure sports that make Kerala ideal destinations are trekking, para gliding and mountain biking. While taking a tour of Kerala one of the main attractions would be the long expansion of the silver beaches.

Kerala Backwaters

Kerala Culture - The Best of All Worlds
There is a sense of style in everything in Kerala and it is very well expressed in the various dance forms and festival that are famous throughout the world. Festivals are the best time to visit the state when the whole population is drenched in religious fervor.
Watching Mohiniattam and Kathakli the classic dance forms of the state, renowned for their story telling, just worth a watch. Great emphasis is laid on the facial decoration of the artists and their attires too are very bright and colorful. On the eve of Onam festival after monsoons, the famous snake boat race is held that drives huge crowd. During the festival another best thing to enjoy are the decorated elephant processions during Thrissur Puram Festival. Kerala hospitality culture is very well showcased in the cuisine of the state. The multi color dishes seem to create a unique contrast when served on the green banana leaves, the tempting array of the Kerala cuisine includes the banana chips, sweet Pongal, sambar, rasam, and variety of rice. However, being in Kerala and not shopping is like having a melting ice cream in the hand and not eating it. Shopping in Kerala is done best from the local villages that sell inexpensive yet unique items. It will be bamboozling to see the variety of handicrafts that are produced from coconuts, bamboo, cane and the famous Kathakali masks, a must buy in Kerala. Without buying the spices of Kerala, which is the most exclusive thing, your tour will surely be incomplete.
Kerala is a complete package any tourist can look for, so you must visit this state to enjoy your stay with a difference. This will be surely your dream vacation and you should not miss visiting this state that God has picked as his own.
Discover Holiday in India 'The Land of Cultural Influences'. In the North is the Mughal heritage while the backwaters and Ayurveda of the green Kerala and blue palm fringed beaches of Goa beautify the southern coast. India's legacy of rich past that has blended with grace in the novelty of the changing trends. Tourists also come to enjoy the benefits of health tourism and MICE tourism besides exploring the rural magic of traditional India.

Take a tour to discover ‘Holiday in India’, an experience must to have before you die. A stay that you will cherish for ages to come.

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