Holiday in IndiaHoliday in India
Holiday in IndiaHoliday in IndiaHoliday in India
Khajuraho Cave
Must See Destinations in India
India is a mix of culture of various places that have created a niche for themselves worldwide. Discovering India, the country with maximum World Heritage Sites by visiting innumerable ‘Must See Destinations’, is a magical holiday option.
- Agra
- Rajasthan
- Jaipur
- Delhi
- Kerala
- Goa
- Khajuraho
- Varanasi
- Ladakh
- Kashmir
- Kolkata
- Puri
- Chennai
- Kochi
- Hyderabad
- Sikkim
- North East
- Mumbai

North East India - A Quaint Patch of India

Guru Rimpoche StatueNorth East India is the land of cobalt mountain ranges, lush green valleys with its traditional tribal culture. Nesting in the Eastern Himalayas, this region is abundant in natural beauty, wildlife, flora and fauna, a amalgam of these unique features makes it the most beautiful Eco-Tourism destination. Once you are here, you'll know why…? Especially when you take a walk on the narrow suspension footbridges over the thick lush forests that give you a breathtaking view of the flora and fauna. Come and explore Northeastern zone of India at your own pace.

Visit North East India, the land of seven sisters, with a recent addition taking the number to 8. The gorgeous states of North East India comprises of Assam, Arunachal Pradesh, Nagaland, Manipur, Mizoram, Tripura, Sikkim and Meghalaya. These places are heavenly beautiful and the only route that connects them to India is the Siliguri Corridor. Chiefly, a tribal area these states are an anthropologist's delight that has given way to tourism scope. The main attraction of these areas lies in these untamed and undiscovered chromatic valleys replete with turbulent rivers, ethnic tribal culture, magnificent wildlife. Having an extraordinary compass of flora and fauna, these areas invite the tourists who are looking for a tour beyond the conventional, numerous wildlife parks will bring you closer to Snow leopards, clouded leopards and red Panda whereas the greatest attractions lies in great one horned rhino. September to April is the best time to visit these hilly terrain when the monsoon is over. At this time one can indulge in healthy adventure sports like climbing, trekking, rafting, caving and para gliding. There is Assam, know as the tea country, housing the famous Khaziranga National Park. Greet the first rays of sun at Arunachal Pardesh - the `Land of the Dawn-lit-Mountains'. The tribal life and culture is worth noticing in Nagaland while Tripura is the second smallest state of the country. In Manipur - the land of Jewels, enjoy the celebrated Bihu Manipuri dance. Get closer to the cloud in Meghayala, which is better known as the 'Abode of the Clouds'. Sikkim is the state where one can enjoy the blooming of the orchids while the art of Bamboo and Cane resides in the land of Mizoram.

Kaziranga National Park

Expatriate Culture of the Wild Indian Terrain
Following the trend of the alloying locations of the north - eastern states, the culture too mingles with each other. These areas are dominated by the tribes and the rough estimation results in around 62 communities. These tribes have their own cultures and traditions and the paramount activity practiced by the women folk is weaving while the men are engrossed with agriculture. Taking a tribal culture tour is the most eccentric of all the tour that you can ever encounter. The woven baskets make an excellent purchase while the other things that too can be bought are the hand woven Naga shawls. Having a typical design and motif that is unique of every tribe, these beautiful wraps act as social statements inside the tribe. October to November, which is the harvest time, is one of the best times to visit this area. The main festival is the Naga Hornbill Festival in early December while there are other monastic festivals as well. The idealistic cuisine to be tried is the Momo that is a specialty of these states.

Trekking through thes slopes of these hills is an experience unmatched. These undetected land of utter comeliness is a must visit. To experience a different India you must come to the eight states of North - East India.
Discover Holiday in India 'The Land of Cultural Influences'. In the North is the Mughal heritage while the backwaters and Ayurveda of the green Kerala and blue palm fringed beaches of Goa beautify the southern coast. India's legacy of rich past that has blended with grace in the novelty of the changing trends. Tourists also come to enjoy the benefits of health tourism and MICE tourism besides exploring the rural magic of traditional India.

Take a tour to discover ‘Holiday in India’, an experience must to have before you die. A stay that you will cherish for ages to come.

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