Holiday in IndiaHoliday in India
Holiday in IndiaHoliday in IndiaHoliday in India
Holiday in IndiaHoliday in IndiaHoliday in India

Travel Tips On India

Holiday in India remains committed in providing you with all necessities and gears while you undertake a tour to India. We here make sure that all your requirements, how small and negligible it may be, are met. As we take pride of our services we also advice you to do some basics before you start a tour with us.

Register Your Plans
Register your plans so the state department can better assist you in an emergency and assure of your safety. This is in accordance with the privacy act where your welfare and whereabouts will not be released to others without your express authorization.

Sign Passport and Fill in Emergency Information
Sign a valid passport and visa and fill in the emergency information page so as to find a reasonable support in case of a need.

Check to Your Overseas Medical Insurance Coverage
Confirm with your medical insurance company if your policy applies overseas and if it includes emergency expanses like medical evacuation. Consider an alternative insurance scheme if the insurance company does not comply with your needs.

Write It All Down
Make a list of your requirements like the names of medicines that you take on a regular basis, your cameras, the list of music that you listen to, your tickets and itineraries before you get them all packed.

Photocopy the Important Documents
Keep a copy of all the necessary documents like visa, driving license, passport details separately from the originals

Eat And Drink Healthy
Try not to consume any eateries or water from an unknown person or a source. Especially for non-vegetarian eaters, it is advised to have your meals from a good and known restaurant so as to be sure about the quality and hygiene of the food.

Traveling To Religious Destinations
Not all religious destinations In India allow foreign visitors or people from other faiths to enter their premises. So gather all information about the destinations you plan to visit beforehand.

Decent Dress code
Always maintain a decent dress code when moving in a crowded market areas or visiting any religious destination, you might gain unwanted attention or might hurt the religious sentiments of the locales. For summers, carry cotton clothes with you and for winters, woolen clothes are recommended. States in southern part of India remain pleasant in winters and hot and sultry in summers whereas northern parts become extremely cold in winters and pleasant in summers.

Avoiding purchasing products made of animal’s skin or of any endangered animal, it will lend you in trouble at customs. Try to keep the receipts of all the purchases you have made during your tour, to make a hassle free clearance at the airport.

Health Precautions
It is advised that you keep with you prescribed medicines, if any; as they might not be available in medical stores everywhere in India. First aid box with basic medicines is a must.

Do maintain a diary of your address, residence phone numbers and the details about your family doctor so that we can help you in case there is an emergency.
Discover Holiday in India 'The Land of Cultural Influences'. In the North is the Mughal heritage while the backwaters and Ayurveda of the green Kerala and blue palm fringed beaches of Goa beautify the southern coast. India's legacy of rich past that has blended with grace in the novelty of the changing trends. Tourists also come to enjoy the benefits of health tourism and MICE tourism besides exploring the rural magic of traditional India.

Take a tour to discover ‘Holiday in India’, an experience must to have before you die. A stay that you will cherish for ages to come.

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